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4/24/05, 8:03PM]

yeahh. i'm making this friends only now, because I realized how freaky it is to have people I dont even know seeing all these pictures of me.

I liked having people who didnt have journals read this, but i'm sorry guys..just make a journal and dont write in it. Then you can just use it to view mine.

comment to be added.
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4/22/05, 9:58PM]
[ mood | good ]

stolen from nicoleCollapse )

yeah tonight I went over lexi's and we just hung out, called nick, played tennis (haha i'm such a pro) and then got ready. That girl who libby had over last year was there..the one who didnt exactly get along with me (she is also known as stripper..squirrel wasn't there..haha). And I was kind of trying to avoid her. She told lexi that the hatred was mutual between us..haha, she has a habit of calling me eyebrows. I actually find that hilarious! She was being civil with me in the car, though. I just find it really funny. Then Lexi and I found Maggie and Ari and we walked around for a while, visited barns and noble (<3) and then went to see A Lot Like Love..that was the sweetest movie in the world! And I finally met the kid i'm gonna meet someday! Nicole's friend..brendan..or brandon. I forget. Haha, but I finally met him. Yeah, and then we walked around..making fools out of ourselves, talking REALLY loudly and walking really fast..because no one was really there tonight.

yeah..the red sox just lost..kinda bummed me out.

One more day <3 <3..not gonna happen.

Sunday lexi, libby, their mom, my mom and me are all going up to Boston to get our cruise/whatever dresses for the end of the year! We're also going out to lunch and stuff. That should be fun..how many hobos do you think will hit on us?


edit:: haha and i forgot something.we were at the mall, and maggie, ari and I started to talk about that kid from camp who went to jail and stuff and who ari went out with. Then maggie said he called her the other day. Then she said he's in jail for drugs. And so i was like "how'd he call you..did he have, like, one phone call and he's like 'hey! i'm gonna call maggie! ' " hah..sorry, it was funny at the time.

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4/21/05, 11:56AM]
[ mood | bored ]

surveyyyCollapse )

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4/20/05, 10:22PM]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I <3 this weather! it was like summer today! I helped my mom in the yard for a while..ew, i hate leaves. Then we went out to pick up my sweatshirt and douffel (sp?) bag from butler's. We got my name engraved on them and it actually makes my name look good for once. Yeah, so then we went to get katie a birthday card (which I never gave to her..oops!) and then we went back home and I got ready for Katie's surprise party! My mom tried to help me straighten my hair but she burnt my scalp! Then we picked up Lexi and went to michelle's for the party. Claire, steph, shelby, magi and michelle were all outside and we just hung around and I took a video of Michelle and Shelby dancing. haha Then went downstairs and kevin, tristan, stephen and conor came. We just watched tv and ate a TON. Then after a long time, katie came and we all hid and michelle was like "lemme turn on the lights" and then we were all like SURPRISE!!! She was shocked. And her eyes tinkled a little. :) it was cute. we all just hung out, watched Father of the Bride 2 and played foosball. Then we went outside and randomly played with balls. haha. It was fun. Michelle's brother is orgasmic..i'm sorry, he is. Shelby and I were, like, dying. We had cake and everyone took tons of pictures with my camera. Wow, that cake was good. Yeah, so then at the end, we all watched Degrassi and Sabrina the teenage witch, lmao. we were really into Sabrina. It was really fun.

Yeah, so I have no clue what I'm doing tomorrow. Ew, I hate that. Anyone wanna make plans?

Okay, i'm gonna go see if the red sox won or not.


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4/19/05, 6:18PM]
[ mood | bored ]

well...on saturday, lexi came over and we just hung out and went to skating. she watched me make a fool out of myself at figures..hah. Then we went to the grocery store and waited for my mom to be done shopping and we BLASTED the music and danced..haha, this guy gave us the weirdest look. Then we went to my house and got ready. Then my mom drove us to barns and noble. we met nick and josh there and then chris and some of his friends. we just went up to sit in the chairs and hang out..and we saw these two people making out and I gave nick and chris my camera and they started filiming them! then the girl was like "kailey! what are the doing?" and it was casey lovell from elementary school..i was like "umm who are you?" haha. Then she started chasing nick around the store. we had fun just laughing and stuff, then nick, lexi and I went to the movies to meet his girlfriend-ish person nicole and her friend. But, I didnt really want to be there..and we ended up just standing near the movie for, like, an hour waiting to see what we were gonna do. Lexi and I were like "umm what are we doing here?" and I stood behind this, like, sign car thing and pretended I was driving it and she was gonna take my picture but then a bunch of mentally challanged people started walking by and they were in our way. haha we were cracking up. Then, we eventually went into Miss Congeniality 2. But I really just didn't want to be there and I was getting really upset so I told lexi I was gonna go take a walk. And I ended up seeing Melissa out near the lobby and we talked for a while. She knew I didn't want to be there so she told me to go get lexi and we got our money back for the tickets and melissa, lexi and I went to find josh, chris and I think her name was lexi in the woods..um..yeah. haha but it was fun we just talked to them and ran back into the mall. we walked around for a while and went into barns and noble. me chris and lexi got cake from the little cafe place and I beat chris at tic-tac-toe. haha. they all started looking at some sex book haha and I took pictures of everyone. then chris and I went in the elevator for some reason and then got some sex books, haha, and went back to sit in the elevator. I think we were stuck or something, but we didn't want to leave so we just stayed there for a while, looking in the books and talking... he is so much fun. Then the door opened and some lady who worked there was like "mm mmm mm" and we got out quickly. haha. they probably had a hidden security camera in there. there were all these "hot sex" books on the floor. Then he and I went back downstairs and we all walked around and into the arcade and stuff. Then we went to meet nick in the movie theatre and josh embarrased the hell out of nicole telling the world that it was her birthday. hah, then chris, nick and I went walking on the fence and I almost fell..but it was fun. Lexi, Chris and I just started randomly walking around and we got coolatas and then we left to meet my mom. I had a lot of fun. thaaaank you melissa.

Then Lexi and I got back to my house and talked for a looong time and watched saturday night live. on sunday we worked in my yard for a looong time and blasted music. then nick and josh came over and I think they were a little..um..not all there, lmao and we took them on a walk..haha, that was interesting. Then we went back to my house, ate dinner and watched Odd Girl Out and snuggled on the couch..lmao. Then they left and lexi and I just talked for a while, watched the OC and went to bed. On monday we were gonna go to nick's party but a bunch of people weren't going so we decided to stay home and we were reealllyy bored but then walked outside and nicole, melissa and debbie were randomly walking down the street and we walked to the "loaded" people's back yard but we were getting stared at by joan so we went to the gaziebo and talked for a long time. then went back to my house for pizzaaa. it was fun. Then lexi and I watched Meet the Fockers with my parents...um, kida akward at parts with my parents there but it was good. Then we watched the OC and went to bed.

Today was kinda dull. we just sat around and were gonna go bike riding but then one of the tires was being stupid and flat so we just went back to my house. we were all ready to go over nick's but then lexi got picked up. Her mom and sister bought me an adorable shirt and cute decoration for my room! Thanks! So now I'm sitting here bored to tears. I was gonna go out tonight but my mom won't let me and I'm tired. so yeah.

I loveee you all.

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